Android Phones – Top Five Android Cell Phones

It’s undoubtedly a fast growing pattern to go for Android cell phones nowadays due to the user-friendly and special interface that these units have. Google’s operating system has become being adopted by a lot of phone manufacturers from various parts of the planet. Below, you will find 5 brands you are able to consider while searching for this kind of devices.

Obviously, you will find a lot of Android phones, but here are five of the greatest Android mobile phones you are able to purchase online today:

* Samsung Nexus S The cell phone includes a high speed one GHz processor which makes the usage of apps very enjoyable, except when the apps are inadequately developed. The unit features a super AMOLED screen. It includes Gingerbread as it OS, and unlike other carriers which are merely a text, the Nexus S comes with an innovative system of the Android. Nexus S has 4G connectivity for added quick access to the Internet. Nevertheless, its sixteen GB storage isn’t expandable since the telephone doesn’t get an SD card slot.

* HTC Androids They’re fast and responsive as they include Snapdragon processor which is in addition to Adreno GPU. The cell phones have bigger display, as well as the resolution is superb. The sole worry for many customers is the fact that the 4G connectivity of HTC Androids consumes the battery life faster when compared with various other models.

* Motorola Atrix 4G It has a highspeed Tegra two dual core processor, therefore eliminating some kind of lag in the usage of the unit. It’s 4G connectivity. A plus to Motorola Atrix is the fact that it could be changed into a laptop type with the usage of a dock.

* Oppo f11

This Android phone additionally works with a dual core processor that is oppo f11 pro. This therefore causes it to be incredibly fast. Additionally, it’s an excellent IPS screen, 4G connectivity, a front-and-back-facing huge pixels camera, along with a micro HDMI slot. It possesses a memory storage which may be widened up to 32GB.